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Celebrating 10 Years Of MADRIX

July 2015: MADRIX 3.4a

MADRIX 3.4a is now available for you. We hope you like it!

Learn all about the improvements in the Release Notes or Download now (173 MB). MADRIX 3.4a includes only bugfixes. Here are only some of the highlights of MADRIX 3.4:

- New Shapes for many MADRIX Effects.
- New Filters/FX: Kaleidoscope 6x, 8x, and 12x.
- New Feature: Fixture Groups.
- New Feature: Effect Parameter Chaser for Layers.
- Various improvements for Cue List, Map Settings, Remote Control.
- Many workflow improvements.
- Various other new and improved features.
- And much, much more!
July 2015: Support For MADRIX 2 Has Ended

madrix screenshot smallHello Everyone!

Please note that the project support as well as the software support for MADRIX 2 has officially come to an end.

2 years ago, MADRIX 3.0 was released providing many new and exciting features users have been waiting and asking for. We have just released MADRIX 3.4, which again takes LED lighting control with MADRIX to a whole new level. Please do not hesitate to contact us or a local representative if you would like to learn more about MADRIX 3 and the possibilities it can offer you. Thank you very much!


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