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October 2014: MADRIX RC 3.3 (Release Candidate)

MADRIX 3.3 is now available as release candidate!

If you cannot wait to test the upcoming MADRIX 3.3 update, this preview version is for you.
Learn more about all the improvements in the Release Notes or Download now (158 MB). Some of the highlights are:

- New Effect: SCE Clouds.
- New Effect: SCE Noise.
- New Feature: Chinese language support.
- New Feature: Colorlight 5A support.
- Copy and paste Map settings.
- Various new and improved features.
- Important Bugfixes and stability improvements.
- And much, much more!

Please help us improve MADRIX! We are looking forward to your feedback about MADRIX RC 3.3 in the MADRIX Online Forum or via e-mail to Thank you for your help!

Please note:
• This is a test software. There might be issues or parts of the software and its documentation might not be final.
• This version will be installed separately and will not overwrite your current installation.
• It is not recommended to use a test version for productive use in live systems!
• Have fun while testing!