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Here, our customers share their experiences and stories. Their feedback means a lot to us.
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Julian Bradley, Lighting Designer, Event Design & Production, LED Rentals & Installation, ESP, Denver, USA


Julian Bradley

Julian Bradley / Lighting Designer / MADRIX Programmer and Operator

Global Dance Festival Red Rocks Colorado: 2002 - Present

Skylab Mission: 2000 - Present

Caffeine Electronic Arts festival: 2000 - Present

Various 1 offs, special events and festivals across the USA


MADRIX - Congratulations on becoming the new industry standard for LED RGB control!. The on board MADRIX effects engine is now more powerful than ever with some fantastic new creative tools included and of course there are the always stunning Sound 2 Light and Music 2 Light effects. I use MADRIX to control and manipulate a multitude of LED arrays from small lounge/bar installations (Madrix Plexus and Neo) all the way up to large scale festival stages and corporate events (Madrix Ultimate). In my opinion nothing else even comes close to MADRIX for its very intuitive user interface and extremely powerful pixel for pixel mapping capabilities. Thanks again for an amazing product!.

Electronic Sales and Production, Denver CO / www.ElectonicSalesandProduction.com / This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Brian Kennedy, Musician/Song Writer, Clifton NJ, USA


Julian Bradley

My name is Brian Kennedy, I’m a musician/song writer in NJ based indie-rock band The Allupons. I play guitar and synthesizers in the band and use a combination of Propellerhead’s Reason and Abelton Live to produce music and perform live. I am currently configuring a live performance rig that employs the use of automation, midi, and auxiliary outputs from Abelton Live to control all of our stage lighting. Our lighting setup consists of RGB Tubes, RGB Panels and a few intelligent strobe lights. For months, I’ve been researching integrating software to our performance software, and very recently (last week) acquired a Madrix license. I have now begun working around the clock configuring Madrix presets that will be triggered by Abelton Live via MIDI. My ultimate goal is to have Madrix seamlessly integrated to our music software so that it behaves like an instrument. In my opinion the best lighting software suited for this task is Madrix hands down.

The wiring and configuration I am using is as follows…

Madrix is running on a Dell Inspiron laptop using a very stripped down installation windows 7 (no bloat-ware greatly increases speed). All of our music software is running on a MacBook Pro. The Mac Book pro running Abelton Live is connected to a MOTU 828 audio interface. The Motu interface allows us to plug microphones directly into Abelton Live, so compression, reverb, and effect automation can be controlled in real time via the software. Abelton Live also manages the synthesizer presets and metronome track. The metronome signal is patched to our drummer, who keeps the entire band on time with the sequenced data being sent from Abelton Live. Using this setup, the entire band can keep in time with our songs, and the lights follow along – no lighting technician necessary!

Since integrating with Madrix, Abelton live is now also sending automated midi data via the Motu 828’s midi output. This midi data is being used to control which Madrix visual gets displayed and queues everything in sync with the band. An additional Abelton Live audio output bus is being sent from the Motu 828 that provides Madrix with an audio source for sound-to-light visualizations. The signals going to the Madrix audio bus are also automated in Abelton Live so each song, and sequence can have specific channels from the main audio mix triggering the Madrix visualizations. For example, one song might require a visual that uses only the vocal signals, and a second song might want the bass track, we can pre-configure all of this automation in Abelton Live via automation and MIDI.

I’m currently in the beginning stages of setting this entire project up, however things are coming together exactly as planned with surprisingly wonderful results. Some things I would love to see in the future with Madrix would be support for Apple’s OS X and incorporation of ReWire technology which is a protocol that allows remote control and data transfer between audio software and related software. This would allow people to run their digital synthesizers and audio editing suites in sync with Madrix on the same computer, greatly freeing up wiring and boosting setup times.

For more info: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Michiel Block, Tech @ Diatso BV, Technical Director @ Matinée Amsterdam, Netherlands


MichielRunning a production like Matinée is a huge challenge! The Spain based Dance promoter is famous for enormous productions during the summer season in Ibiza and big festival like productions on the Spain mainland. At Matinée Amsterdam we try the hardest to produce events that gives people the feeling they remember from those parties! With the help of our friends at Invent Design, the Amsterdam based importer of Madrix we made a set-up consisting not one but three separate Madrix driven lightsetups!

First of all the LED wall which is installed in Amsterdams hot-spot Club Air is run by Madrix, then we've flown a huge truss containing RGB PAR64's, Active Sunstrips and Moving Heads, both the Sunstrips and the RGB Par's were driven by two separate Madrix systems, wich both had an DMX in from the lighting desk. The result was absolutely stunning! The Active sunstrips shown some beautyfull patterns without constantly blinding the audience and the RGB Par's made the venue change colour and therefore atmosphere in sync with the music. No need saying that we will use Madrix the next time for Matinée Amsterdam, probably in a different configuration, but it has shown that no matter how you use it, Madrix will do the job for you! For more info: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , www.diatso.nl/matinee.html

Tocadisco, DJ & Producer, Germany


I have been interested in LED technololgy since its first appearance. There were some amazing products on the market. But only since I discovered MADRIX I really felt in love with the opportunities that LED gives you. I have stand before thousands of stund people watching this amazing programm do its magic. Its modern and fresh and I dont wanna play without it anymore!!!! All the best Tocadisco!
For more info: www.myspace.com/djtocadisco, www.youtube.com/user/TocadiscoTelevision, www.facebook.com/tocadisco , www.twitter.com/TOCADISCO


Nathan Whitford, Technical Director, Urban Visuals, Vancouver, Canada


I just wanted to let you know how impressed we are with your product. It has performed extremely well so far, and the added Kinet functionality saved us a bunch of extra hardware. We have 46 strings of iflex installed in total. Forty strings mounted in 100x20 pixel mounted on the wall, with a matching 6 strings mounted to the front of the dj booth as a 30x10 pixel grid.

Mapping was easy, as was the device configuration. ... The scripting has been particularily useful. I've created a number of text effects where I've set random numbers between 1 and 26, then mapped them each to a letter, which gets output using the ticker. Then words and phrases seem to write themselves from the random letters. So far it's pretty fun.

For more info check the following links: www.urbanvisuals.com and view this video on Vimeo.


Tomesch Patrick, LJ, Club ESTATE, Vienna, Austria


I`m working with MADRIX for one year at the Club ESTATE in Austria. We have a 14 x 70 RGB Pixel-LED-Wall. It is controlled by DMX512 by Ethernet-Controllers and a Windows PC running the Madrix 2.6 software. MADRIX is a simple, but very powerfull LED-Controling-Software with many great effects. I started with MADRIX 1.0, and now i work with the version 2.6. It is the best software I know. The most times I work with the WHITE FADE to mix the 2 layers live. I have the BEHRINGER 2000 FADER and I mix live with the MADRIX Effects, Scripts, Videos and Bitmaps.

For more info: http://www.estate-club.at and http://www.myspace.com/clubestate


Orest, Nova Vision NY corp., New York, USA


Madrix is one of the strongest and powerful LED control software system on the market today, and it is easy and smart operating interface ... can do amazing effects just by simply operating. Special Thanks for people who created that smart software! Thanks again, you are the best.

For more info check the following link: Nova Vision NY corp. www.novavisionNY.com




Noël Miguel Manzano, Mtec Systems, Spektrum Club, Manchester, UK


We have been using Madrix LED lighting control software, with Disco Panel LEDs for around 4 months now. These are controlled by DMX512 over Ethernet controllers and a Windows PC running the Madrix 2.5a software. In addition we are using the Numark Total Control MIDI controller to control the software over USB MIDI. Overall, this is a very cost effective system with TCO being great value for money.

The effects you can produce with the Madrix software are simply breathtaking, and with sound to light features you can leave the system un-attended if you need to. We mainly use effects designed for a dark club environment, but you can create any effects you want really. From LED wall effects, to LED tube effects, it's up to you, and with powerful scripting options you really can unleash the full potential of your LED lighting system. Seeing is believing!

For more info and videos check the following links: www.spektrumclub.info and www.youtube.com/djmigueluk


Rebeca Sánchez Pastor, LEDsControl, Barcelona, Spain


If LED is high investment in a RGB project you have to invest in lighting control and programming (artist) otherwise will be a failed investment, MADRIX make easy the way for the lighting programmer.

For more info check the following links: ledscontrol.blogspot.com/ and www.ledscontrol.com




Roberto Malváez Vidal, Sin Límites S.A. de C.V., Mexico


I want to tell you that I did the demo on the Color Kinetics power supplies, and Madrix worked like a champion. ... MADRIX NEO: They have 3 DMX Led effects, each of a approximate 300 channels. Madrix again worked like a champion.

For more info check the following link: www.sinlimites.com.mx


Sebastian Godfrid, Argentina


We buy a Madrix Neo version and it works perfect. We want to say thank you for such an excellent software.


Martijn Keeris on club De Valk, Reusel, Netherlands


I am using MADRIX to control the CLS Atmosphere LED panels in the club De Valk Reusel (Netherlands) because it is one of the best dedicated LED control software with many functions. I started with MADRIX with version 1.0 and I was happy when MADRIX version 2.0 was finally released. With MADRIX you have 12 channels and you can control all you need. I think that the possibility to start the playlist with a DMX input from Martin Lightjockey or a Console would be an useful option for MADRIX. So you can make more changes in one step from a console or software. For more info: www.devalkreusel.nl


Randy L. Benak, PlayHouse, Technical Director, Bittersweet Light and Sound, USA


We are very happy to have you and your company on board with our Playhouse LED Wall Panel project.


Michael Peterson, San Francisco, California, USA


We're interested in using your product. We design and install large custom LED arrays of varied configurations. We use a lot of Color Kinetics/Philips, but consistently bump into the sound to light issue. Especially interested in the sound 2 light aspect.


Supachai Viranuvat, Lighting and Equipment Public Co. Ltd., Bangkok, Thailand


We are the leader of LED lighting in Thailand. Your Madrix seems very interesting and impressive. We are quite very impressed in your software.

For more info check the following link: www.l-and-e.com


Jeff Pettyjohn, JP Lighting and Stage, USA


I've been testing out your software and I really like how it works.


Mikebor.Chia (Mr.), Chongqing guangdian lighting, Hong Kong


MADRIX is a very admire software, a powerful, flexible control, desktop friendly, we are looking for a powerful LED control software for use in the control of our products, I feel your software It is precisely the products we needed.


... and many more.