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Hue performance is super slow

Posted: Sat Mar 18, 2023 3:53 am
by billinsofl
Hi! I just upgraded to Madrix 5.5e to take advantage of the Hue integration. I have an isolated network that Hue is plugged into. 2 different bridges. Bridge 1 has about 40 bulbs. Bridge 2 has about 15. Lights are patched and working, but I have to configure for bridge for 1000ms. If I configure for anything else it seems like the commands get queued up and it takes forever for the lights to become responsive again. It also looks like there is a default transition or fade applied, even thought that's not that I have configured in Madrix.

Simple test. Configure a Cue as SCE Color Change. Disable fade. 60 BPM. Time 1. The bulbs should snap between colors. Instead there is a fade applied. Video showing configuration and output follows ... 320db42435

I really expected to see much better performance than this. Hopefully this is configuration or perhaps something in the software that can be fixed.

Re: Hue performance is super slow

Posted: Wed Mar 22, 2023 9:44 am
by Fritzsche

Thank you for your post.

Could you please let us know which fixture models you are using?

On the one hand, let's look at what the software is able to do and on the other hand how the hardware is capable of performing.
I have the impression that the Hue fixtures and bridge simply cannot perform in the way that you are expecting.
You are mentioning the 1000 ms, which indicates 1 frame per second. I think that is what your are experiencing and what your video shows. With high-performing LED fixtures and controllers, the MADRIX 5 Software would be able to send data to the fixtures much faster.

I'll also ask the developers if the developer API provides any new features since their last update.

Thank you.

Re: Hue performance is super slow

Posted: Wed Mar 22, 2023 9:48 am
by Fritzsche
Philips themselves indicate these performance characteristics. Please see:

Re: Hue performance is super slow

Posted: Wed Mar 22, 2023 11:21 am
by Fritzsche
I have received additional suggestions:

The more lamps are controlled by a bridge, the lower the frame rate will be.
Please try to control a maximum of 10 lamps per bridge. In our tests, we could achieve 100 ms / 10 FPS in this way.
And please note that more load is added to the WiFi, the more bridges are used. Spacing them out can help in reducing interference.

Re: Hue performance is super slow

Posted: Wed Mar 22, 2023 12:31 pm
by billinsofl
I did a bit more testing last night myself. I removed lights from the patch and found that I can get about 12 decently performing on a bridge. I enabled the 2nd bridge and repeated the same test. Anything more than 12 and the performance drops off considerably.

I really don't want to have to run 4 bridges for my setup if at all possible. That's 4 Universes for 48 lights. Super wasteful. Controlling in Madrix would be no problem, it's the everyday control via the Hue app and home automation that'll be more difficult then. Hopefully there are some updates to the APIs or maybe even a better Bridge that could handle the load.

The fact that the Hue Bridge is limited to 50 lights is already bad enough.

One more question. The AURA isn't capable of sending data to Hue, correct? Once I have everything setup I'm going to want a scheduling and playback device.

Re: Hue performance is super slow

Posted: Wed Mar 22, 2023 2:52 pm
by Fritzsche
Thank you for your tests and confirmation!

In addition, please note that the MADRIX 5 license does not count universes, but only used channels.
As such, you would not occupy 4 universes.

Regarding MADRIX AURA, correct, it cannot send out data to Hue.
However, MADRIX 5 itself has scheduling capabilities, mainly by using the Cue List.

Many thanks.

Re: Hue performance is super slow

Posted: Fri Mar 24, 2023 8:42 pm
by billinsofl
I added another 2 bridges (4 total) and split everything up. The performance is better but far from ideal. There seems to be a default fade being applied. Perhaps that's something you need to specifically disable when making API calls. The fade is good and bad. It's good when you can only do 1FPS since it makes things appear to be more dynamic and bad when frame rates are higher, because it doesn't match what Madrix is outputting. From what I see in my testing so far the default Hue fade + fades in Madrix make everything slow down.

I'm going to continue to try to experiment and see what will work best for the time being. Hopefully there are newer APIs available or ways to optimize your calls to improve the experience even if only slightly. Every frame per second would be a huge improvement.

I didn't want to go with Hue when building my new house. I was originally going to use LIFX (then use a LIFX to E1.31 bridge), but they cancelled production of their recessed fixed. Hue was the best ecosystem supported by Madrix so here I am with about 70 fixtures. Of those, 31 need to perform at decent speeds.

If anyone else has large Hue deployments I'd love to exchange thoughts. Right now I wouldn't recommend anyone use Hue for anything more than 10 bulbs, which effectively makes them worthless. Even with multiple bridges isn't not pretty. Sadly.