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App for MADRIX

Posted: Fri Oct 15, 2021 1:03 pm
by paulhairston
Hi guys, we are running MADRIX. For such a lot of information, we received some recommendations that we should use the interfaces from ENTTEC or Luminex. Is there any suitable app?

Appreciation for your help.

Re: App for MADRIX

Posted: Tue Oct 19, 2021 1:05 pm
by Schulze
Hi paulhairston,

Welcome to the MADRIX board.


You can use any interface as long as it supports one of output protocols featured by the MADRIX 5 software (such as sACN, Art-Net, KiNET,...).

Here you will find a complete overview of the MADRIX 5 software data output capabilities:

Since we manufacture high quality hardware you may also have a look at our range of products. The usage of our hardware products would be of course our recommendation:


As you posted in the MADRIX RADAR section of the forum there are some additional things to be considered if you want to use MADRIX RADAR to monitor your installation:
- You will need to use RDM complient interfaces and devices.
- All RDM devices and RDM sub-devices that are connected through MADRIX RDM nodes (MADRIX STELLA) are automatically unlocked and licensed in the software.
- If you don't use the MADRIX STELLA as RDM node only 2 RDM devices/sub-devices are fully unlocked to send RDM requests to or receive from in "Demo mode". That means with a 3rd party RDM node, you will need a so-called MADRIX RADAR fusion license, if you want to monitor more than 2 RDM devices / sub-devices.

Here you will find further information about the license model of MADRIX RADAR: ... ystem.html

I hope this helps you!