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MADRIX - LED Lighting Control Solutions
LEDs have become a major highlight in today's lighting and entertainment industries. MADRIX products will help you use the full potential of this modern technology. Thanks to very intuitive controls, you are given the right tools to manage each of your projects and create stunning lighting effects. With MADRIX, you will quickly produce extraordinary results and amaze your audience every single time.
The MADRIX® brand brings powerful yet easy-to-use
LED lighting control solutions based on innovative software and hardware to the lighting market.


MADRIX is the LED lighting controller. It is a feature-rich and intuitive Windows® software.

The application is both an effect generator and media server with outstanding capabilities to display unique real-time effects. Endless stunning visuals can be created using pixel mapping and the built-in graphics and render engine.
MADRIX supports many well-known industry standards, such as DMX512, DVI, Art-Net, Streaming ACN (E1.31), the Philips Color Kinetics (KiNET) and Insta/ROBE protocols, Eurolite T9, and ColourSmart Link.


MADRIX can be used alone, or along with any DMX/MIDI console or desk.

Complementary MADRIX hardware reliably controls your LED installation via MADRIX–the centerpiece of our intuitive products. This provides a seamless integration of both software and hardware and high performance.

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Current Version: MADRIX 3.2

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Current Version: MADRIX 2.14g

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October 2014: Tribute to Mr. Roberto Malvaez Vidal
From 2D LED installations to 3D LED installations, MADRIX master Mr. Roberto Malvaez Vidal made it possible. It's been an honor and a privilege working with Mr. Roberto Malvaez Vidal from Mexico over the past few years. Thanks for your amazing work and your outstanding service.
October 2014: light+sound
Logo_lightandsound Booth: Hall 1, A10 (HBJ Elektronik)
Date: 19 - 21 October 2014
Exhibition Hall Hours: 10.00 (11.00) - 17.00 (18.00) hrs
Address: Messe Luzern
Join our Swiss distributor HBJ Elektronik at light & sound 2014, the Swiss Trade Fair for Event and Media Technology! www.lightandsound.ch

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