Software Overview

# Order Number Product

1 IA-SOFT-001013 MADRIX® KEY start V3.X

2 IA-SOFT-001024 MADRIX® KEY dvi start V3.X

3 IA-SOFT-001035 MADRIX® KEY entry V3.X

4 IA-SOFT-001036 MADRIX® KEY dvi entry V3.X

5 IA-SOFT-001001 MADRIX® KEY basic V3.X

6 IA-SOFT-001012 MADRIX® KEY dvi V3.X

7 IA-SOFT-001002 MADRIX® KEY professional V3.X

8 IA-SOFT-001008 MADRIX® KEY ultimate V3.X

9 IA-SOFT-001037 Upgrade: start entry (V2.X / V3.X V3.X)

10 IA-SOFT-001038 Upgrade: dvi start dvi entry (V2.X / V3.X V3.X)

11 IA-SOFT-001039 Upgrade: entry basic (V2.X / V3.X V3.X)

12 IA-SOFT-001040 Upgrade: dvi entry dvi (V2.X / V3.X V3.X)

13 IA-SOFT-001010 Upgrade: basic professional (V2.X / V3.X V3.X)

14 IA-SOFT-001015 Upgrade: dvi professional (V2.X / V3.X V3.X)

15 IA-SOFT-001014 Upgrade: professional ultimate (V2.X / V3.X V3.X)

16 IA-SOFT-001032 Update: MADRIX® KEY start V2.X V3.X

17 IA-SOFT-001033 Update: MADRIX® KEY dvi start V2.X V3.X

18 IA-SOFT-001028 Update: MADRIX® KEY basic V2.X V3.X

19 IA-SOFT-001029 Update: MADRIX® KEY dvi V2.X V3.X

20 IA-SOFT-001030 Update: MADRIX® KEY professional V2.X V3.X

21 IA-SOFT-001031 Update: MADRIX® KEY ultimate V2.X V3.X

22 IA-SOFT-001034 Update: MADRIX® NEO Software License V2.X V3.X



Hardware Overview

# Order Number Product


2 IA-DMX-001003 MADRIX® NEO (incl. MADRIX® 3 Software license)

3 IA-DMX-001005 MADRIX® PLEXUS (incl. MADRIX® 3 Software license)

4 IA-DMX-001014 MADRIX® LUNA 4

5 IA-DMX-001008 MADRIX® LUNA 8

6 IA-DMX-001015 MADRIX® LUNA 16



9 IA-HARD-001002 XLR Gender Changer (5-pin male to 5-pin male)

10 IA-HARD-001006 XLR Adapter Silver (5-pin male to 3-pin female)

11 IA-HARD-001020 XLR Adapter Black (Premium Quality) (5-pin male to 3-pin female)

12 IA-HARD-001007 MADRIX® PLEXUS Wall Mount Set (4 brackets, 4 Torx T10 screws)

13 IA-HARD-001011 MADRIX® USB contact closure

14 IA-HARD-001012 MADRIX® USB temperature

15 IA-HARD-001013 MADRIX® USB light sensor




Important Information

  • For pricing information, please contact your local dealer.
  • The MADRIX® KEY may be upgraded several times.
  • Updates or upgrades are possible at any time.
  • You can get the MADRIX® 3.X update free of charge if you have bought MADRIX® Software on 21.03.2012 or any later date.
  • The MADRIX® 3.X update is free for all MADRIX® PLEXUS users.



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