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This online tool helps you to find the MADRIX 5 Software License that matches your project's requirements.
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Step-By-Step Instructions

  1. Add all of your fixtures to the lists of DVI fixtures and DMX fixtures.
    There are different input methods available depending on which information you have available about them. Confirm with 'Add' each time.
  2. Repeat until all of the project's DVI-based fixtures as well as DMX-based fixtures are added.
    You can always 'Remove' added fixtures or remove all fixtures in a list entirely via 'Clear List'.
  3. Please see the 'Result'.
    Contact a reseller for your individual offer. Or Rent a MADRIX 5 KEY.
  4. An overview over all MADRIX 5 Licenses is provided at the bottom of this page for your information.


Important Notes

• All calculations are done to the best of our knowledge and in good faith. The presented results however do not represent a binding purchase recommendation.

• Commas need to be entered via . (period) and not , (comma).