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Using Madrix with Linsn hardware

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Using Madrix with Linsn hardware

Post by GardG » Tue Jan 20, 2015 2:30 pm

Hi all,

For an upcoming project I'm considering using DVI rather than DMX for controling some pixel tubes. I will be making the tubes myself, and I have a bit of experience with designing such devices, but the DVI part is new to me.

As far as I can understand, one needs some sort of interface between the DVI signal and the SPI signal to the LED driver ICs, which is typically called an "receiver board", normally used together with a "sender board", which takes a DVI input and converts it to something carried by Ethernet to the receiver.

I have heard some rumours, however, that the receiver boards, at least those from Linsn, can be configured to use a protocol that Madrix can send out directly, without any "sender" card. that would be T9, if I remember correctly, but this applied to older versions of Madrix and Linsn LED Studio. Is it still possible, and if so, which boards are recommended for this purpose?

If anyone has experience with designing fixtures around this system I'm also interested in hearing about that, particularly about interfacing the ICs to the DVI boards. It seems relatively straightforward, but Linsn's stuff is extremely poorly documented, and their software does not really give any insight into anything either as hardly anything can be done there when no hardware is connected.

Any hints would be much appreciated!

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