Layout View (Mapped Matrix)

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Layout View (Mapped Matrix)

Post by caseylx2010 »

Please correct me if I may be wrong,

But it looks as if this software allows you to Map your Area Required, But in the Output Etc, it has no way to show your pixel mapped layout view on screen,
instead it shows a overall 150 x 250 Pixel Grid with Evenly spaced pixels

Is this something I am doing wrong,

The overall grid is
X - 200 PX
Y - 150 PX
Z - 32 PX

With a lot of air Gaps, using a total of 7.5 Universes.

But is it possible to only show the Mapped Layout / Active Pixels Only.
that way you are able to preview the actual look prior to making it Live?
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Re: Layout View (Mapped Matrix)

Post by Guertler »

Hello caseylx2010,
Welcome to the MADRIX forum.
You can easily change the view of the previews between 2D and 3D when you perform a click with the right mouse button on the desired preview.
In case of a 3D view, you will everytime only see the patched voxel of the patch in the preview.
If you are using the 2D view, you can change the so called "Patch Mask" between "Transparent" and "Opaque".
"Opaque" means you will see the effects only at the patched pixel/voxel and black for the gaps.
"Transparent" means you will see the effects at all pixels of the set matrix size. If there is an empty pixel, the color of the effect will be dimmed in the preview.
You will find the settigns of the "Patch Mask" when you perform a click with the right mouse button at the "Main Output Preview". This setting is global for all previews.
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