Fixture Group Overlap/Color Bleed?

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Fixture Group Overlap/Color Bleed?

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I set up four fixture groups across four universes. One of the fixture groups overlaps two universes. When I turn on one particular fixture group - call it "Edge" group - with another group - call it "Center" group, the color of the Edge group bleeds into the Center group. These two particular groups are in separate universes and do not overlap (if that makes any difference).

Any thoughts on what the problem is? Or how to correct?
Thank you,
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Re: Fixture Group Overlap/Color Bleed?

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Hello MaxMadrix,

The Fixture Groups in MADRIX are working in a kind of bounding box from the top left to the bottom right fixture in case of mapping a layer. Every fixture which is in that bounding box (equals if it is in the desired group or not) will get the the information of the effect.
Furthermore it is equals for the group control in which universe(s) the desired fixtures are assigend. Only the bounding box of the group decides if the fixture will get data of the desired MADRIX effect.

In your case you can work in the following way.
1.) You create and map your effect for the "Edge" group.
2.) Now you create a so called "cover" effect with the MADRIX effect SCE Color effect in black. This effect you map to the "Center" group. The Mix Mode of this layer must be "Normal" and the "cover layer" must be right of the layer with the effect for the "Edge" group.
3.) If you want to create an effect for the "Center" group, you can add a new layer, choose the desired effect and map it to the "Center" group.

If you are using the Fixture Groups for dimming a group it works only on the assigend fixtures and not a bounding box.
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