Winch LED Balls, 3D LED Tubes

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Winch LED Balls, 3D LED Tubes

Post by djwkeusa »

Madrix 3.0 Winch and LED Tube system.
I️ am opening a hotel this Friday and I️ added the kinetic winch system and 3D LED Tubes to bar bar and lobby features. I️ need to figure out why some of the features work and others don’t. LED tube seems to be setup correctly with the matrix 24 x 8 in a snake mode setup. Do I️ have to configure the down pixels as well.

On the winch system. We were able to configure Balls to color specific how every is seems that the color effects are not looking like the preview. Also, are the DMX supposed to be setup different rather than one address on the machines.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Thank you,
Jay Patel
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Re: Winch LED Balls, 3D LED Tubes

Post by Guertler »

Hello djwkeusa,
Welcome to the MADRIX forum.

When you are working with DMX fixtrues for your 3D tube installation, every tube should be set to a unique DMX address in the DMX universe. In MADRIX you will also need to patch the 3D installation in X, Y and Z orientation according to the set DMX addresses on the real fixtures.
Under the follwing link you can learn how to patch a 3D installation: ... rator.html ... indow.html

For the DMX Ball installation it is the same approach. You need to set every Ball to a unique DMX address and after this you need to create the patch according to the DMX addressing. To create the correct patch in MADRIX you have to know on which position which DMX address is located and you should add it to this position in MADRIX. For example the top left fixture in real must be placed on the top left place in MADRIX. Equals which address the fixture has.
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