how to connect the 12v gs8208

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how to connect the 12v gs8208

Post by Philxu »

we have got the 12v gs8208 digital led stirp,
it have two day wires,
for the normal digital controller as the t1000s,we can use the ws2811 ws2812b,ucs1903 led protocol,
but how to connect it to the madrix software?
for the gs8208 has two data output and also "dual-signal".
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Re: how to connect the 12v gs8208

Post by Guertler »

Hello Philxu,

When the "GS8208 digital led stripe" will work with the WS2811 or WS2812b protocol, you can easily connect the led stripe to the MADRIX NEBULA, set the protocol of the NEBULA for instance to "WS2812b", connect the NEBULA to the PC via USB or Art-Net and control the LED stripe with MADRIX.

It would be also possible to implement the "GS8208" protocol to the NEBULA when you can send us a sample of the LED stripe.
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