Swimming pool lighting!!

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Swimming pool lighting!!

Post by vudiemphuongchi »

Dear people, i have a question about a project that i am working on.

I have multiple rgb led lights in a madrix. I got one 5000k ledstrip high power that i want to use as a strobo. Is there a function in Madrix that i can strobo this at the push of a button? And also give it a standard level output? So when he is not flashing he will be on at 10% or something?

Thanks in advance
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Re: Swimming pool lighting!!

Post by Schulze »

Hi vudiemphuongchi,

You can achive this by using the SCE Pulse / Stroboscope effect and map it on the 5000k led strip in MADRIX, by using different layers and the mapping option:

1) Create two Fixture-Groups in the Patch Editor, the first one representing the RGB lights and the second one for the 5000k light.
2) Create three Layers, the first one with SCE Pulse/Strobe, the second one with SCE Color and all the other layers with RGB lights.
3) Map the the SCE Pulse/Strobe and the SCE Color on the second fixture group and RGB lights on the first group.
4) Use the "set the layer blind" option on the second layer (the SCE Color), now the second layer will start to strobe.
5) If you now "unblind" the second layer, the strobe stops and a constant white frame will be displayed (adjust the intensity of the static white
at your needs, for example 10 %).

Please follow those steps for each effect, if you want to combine them with a strobe.
Furthermore you can trigger the "blind" function from an external trigger, for example a midicontroller.

Here you can learn more about layers and mapping:
http://help.madrix.com/m5/html/madrix/h ... rray_.html
http://help.madrix.com/m5/html/madrix/h ... ialog.html

I hope this will help you. Have a nice day!
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