5.3b Device Config not seeing Luna

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5.3b Device Config not seeing Luna

Post by JasonCA »

I think the new firmware for Madrix 5.3b breaks the setup menu for the Luna nodes. I rolled the firmware back to 5.2.1 and it works fine. I can access either through the node's IP address or the Device Configuration in Madrix.

With the 5.3b firmware the Luna nodes do not populate in the Device Configuration window.
Rolled back to 5.2.1 and they do.
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Re: 5.3b Device Config not seeing Luna

Post by Schulze »

Hi JasonCA,

The issue has been fixed with the release of MADRIX 5.4.
Please download the updated version here: https://www.madrix.com/download/MADRIX_Full_Install.exe and perform a firmware update for your MADRIX LUNA devices.

Thank you.
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