Mouse hover over all effect displays "Color"

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Mouse hover over all effect displays "Color"

Post by wCraig »

Hello Madrix Forum,

When I hover my mouse over an effect, the thumbnail displays the title "Color" no matter what the effect is. I have renamed the effects but the thumbnail still usually says "Color". It displays correctly about 10% of the time. I like the hover thumbnail display because I can find certain effects a little quicker.
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Re: Mouse hover over all effect displays "Color"

Post by Fritzsche »

Hi wCraig,

Thank you for posting in this Forum!
I have just checked this and for me it is working without errors.

Can you please send us your MADRIX Setup file to test to info[at] Thank you.

Also, please make sure to rename the effects at the correct location. Please use the "Description Field" to change the Thumbnail title. Please see: ... field.html

Please do not expect the Thumbnails title to change, when renaming "Layers" (at the very bottom of the software).

Thank you!
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