Bitmap image

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Bitmap image

Post by edeferaxy »

How do I convert Windows Bitmap Image's into JPEG's on Mac? So I want to make a video using iMovie on Mac. It's my end of year 11 leavers assembly soon and I have lots of school photos which I want to use in this video. I got them from the computers at school which are all windows. However I can't use them as they are all Windows Bitmap Image's. Can anyone help so that I can get them all to work.

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Re: Bitmap image

Post by Fritzsche »

Hi edeferaxy,

Are you sure you are in the right forums?
I am sure there are many tutorials or converter applications on how to convert from one file format into the other. For example, try to use "Preview" in order to export anew.

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Re: Bitmap image

Post by beimage »

here is some tutorials about how to convert bitmap to image c# format which you can refer to. if you still can figure out how to convert. let me know.
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Re: Bitmap image

Post by Wissmann »

We are still confused what this have to do with MADRIX.
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