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fixtures losing their addresses

Posted: Mon Sep 23, 2013 7:56 pm
by triggerhappy

i've just finished setting up a system with 48 chauvet colorband pix mini fixtures and they're having some sporadic faults. i don't think it's Madrix's "fault", but perhaps someone here will have some suggestions for troubelshooting!

the the problem is that the fixtures run fine for a while, but sometimes lost their dmx address for a nearby address. i.e., a fixtures set to dmx id 37 will after a while reset itself to eg 35 or whatever.

it seems like the fault must be with the fixtures... BUT it only happens running them off Madrix via two USBone dongles, i can send dmx to them from Chamsys using an Enttec DMX pro 2, and they behave fine.

if anyone has experienced anything similar, i'd value some advice!

thanks in advance.