WSxxxx vs. APAxxx vs. SKxxxx vs. LPDxxx, etc...

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WSxxxx vs. APAxxx vs. SKxxxx vs. LPDxxx, etc...

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Hello all.

This may not be a nebula issue in the first place, but since im running my project on nebula i thought ill put it in here.
So i have a total of almost 12000 pixels (~400m) installed in a club, all driven with madrix professional and 10 nebulas. The leds installed are WS2812b and i have some really annoying problems with them. They are totally not reliable. For the first 4 or 5 months it was all ok but then they started to fail. Either one color, mostly green, stops to work or the whole led just quits, and then all the leds behind remain dark. I believe it is a manufacturing issue, since when i press on the led the signal passes through again.
I want to replace the whole installation and maybe someone here can point out their experience with digital leds. Nebula is capable driving all major chips so which one would you recommend and why? The powering system is 5V, and i'd like to keep it.

Thanks for your input!
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Re: WSxxxx vs. APAxxx vs. SKxxxx vs. LPDxxx, etc...

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it sounds as if the LEDs are getting too hot or are subject to mechanical stress and are detaching from the tape.

are the led strips mounted on aluminium profile for thermal management?
or are they on a curved or flexible surface?

the new 2815 leds could be interesting for you, 12v so less need for power re-injection and they use a dual data line so that in the event of a LED failure, the rest of the line continues to work fine.

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