Nebula and Plexus

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Nebula and Plexus

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Hi I have 2400 pixels I need to control in stand alone mode with button triggers attached to the expansion port of the Plexus. I would need 2 Nebulas to control this many pixels and was wondering if I could use 2 Plexus to control with buttons?

Any help is greatly appreciated.
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Re: Nebula and Plexus

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Hello Prism,

It is possible to send the stand alone data from one or more PLEXUS to the NEBULAs via Art-Net and control the connected LED tape.
If you are using more than one PLEXUS, you can create a Master/Slave mode of the PLEXUS. That means you only need to trigger the Master PLEXUS and the slaves will do the same. To trigger the PLEXUS you can use the extension port of Master PLEXUS, HTTP requests or DMX/Art-Net input.

When you want to control 2400 RGB pixels, it means you will control 7200 DMX channels (2400 pixels x 3 for RGB). To control this amount of DMX channels you will need 15 DMX universes (7200 channels / 512 channels per DMX universe). That means you will need in total 8 PLEXUS which are connected to 2 NEBULAs.
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