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Hi :-) We have Led diods DMX512C4 IC I want to ask if madrix support it and what controller need use. Nebula, Orion, Stella or another1.

Project: Control single leds on building :-)

We use Nebula it`s perfect but I cant google what type is that chip. In china says that is madrix compatible we need controll diods like digital, but Im not sure if this type is digital or dmx and if that is DMX how to controll single diod on the line.
Because I have expirience only with regular DMX strips RGBW (controll strip at the same time) or digital (diod after diod) not with adressable dmx diods with madrix. :-)

Thank you for advice!! :-)
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Re: DMX512C4 IC

Post by Guertler »

Hello expolight,

The "DMX512C4" should be a DMX 512 based protocol. But it is hard to find concrete information about the "DMX512C4" chips in the internet.
Maybe you can ask your supplyer if it is really a DMX 512 based protocol.

Also LED stripes can be controlled via DMX. In that case every LED pixel must get an own DMX start address. Often they will be set with a separate programming tool.

If the desired LED tape will be controlled via a DMX protocol you can't use the NEBULA. But you can use all other MADRIX DMX interfaces like STELLA, LUNA, PLEXUS.
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