Led strips setup with madrix

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Led strips setup with madrix

Post by lino »

Hello:) I'm new in this world, and if you could help me, regarding my project. I want to use madrix to control 12 x 15 m of led strips,and 11x6 in other room. What do I need, besides led strips (is it better to use 30 pix/m or higer,ceiling is 3 meters). What is minimum requirements for pc?

P.s I have another club and there I need aprox 5 x 40 meters and 12 x 5 meters

Thank you very much

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Re: Led strips setup with madrix

Post by Guertler »

Hello lino,
Welcome to the MADRIX forum.

When you want to control digital LED stripes, you will need besides the LED stripes power supplies which are working in the correct voltage accoring to the used LED stripes. Furthermore you will need an Interface which is able to control the so called SPI LED stripes. As interface which can control digital LED stripes we provide the MADRIX NEBULA. The NEBULA is able to work with a lot of different LED chip protocols and can control up to 1360 RGB LEDs per interface. If you want to control more than 1360 RGB LEDs you can use several NEBULAs.
Under the following link you will find more information about the MADRIX NEBULA:

The decison which tape you should use is hard to say. Depending on what you want to do and how you want to design your clubs you have to decide. You should always keep in mind a smaller pixel pitch means a higer resolution and thus a smoother look and feel but on the other hand it means also you have to control more pixels with MADRIX and you will need more interfaces plus power supplies.

For your special projects the minimum PC should be an PC with a CPU with at least 8 threads. Every thread should have a base frequency of at least 3,3 GHz (we recommend to us an Intel CPU). The PC should consist of fast RAM with at least 8 GB, a dedicted graphic card (we recommend to use one of the NVIDIA Geforce GTX or RTX series). For MADRIX it is equals if you want to use an SSD or HDD.
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Re: Led strips setup with madrix

Post by OliVDB »

I'm not the OP, but thanks for the explanations! I was thinking of getting some LED strips to work with (be it for shows or for fun when we can finally travel like before and I get myself one of these houses in Greece) and was wondering what king of hardware and configurations I should plan for.
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