Failure to capture audio

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Failure to capture audio

Post by Kaleb »

I'm having persistent trouble trying to get the audio working in Madrix 5 (latest version). Upon startup I get a red message "Can't start audio" and when I check the logfile I get three audio error messages:

1.(level) error (type) Audio capturing (note) WASAPI: CaptureStart:Initialize() failed! Error 0x80070005: Access is denied

2. (Level) error (type) audio capturing (note) Cant start capturethread

3. (Level) error (type) Audio Analysis (note) Can't start audio input

I've worked through the Madrix manual meticulously to assure the audio setup in windows is correct. I can select the audio input in the device manager, it just doesn't capture the sound. I'm out of ideas... can you help? Thanks! !
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Re: Failure to capture audio

Post by Schulze »

Hi Kaleb,

What is the audio source?

To further analyze the issue please send us a MADRIX 5 logfile to info[at]madrix[dot]com. To save the logfile start MADRIX 5 and navigate to "Tools" > "Logfile...", click the button "Save As..." and enter a name for the logfile.

Thank you!
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