Multiple NIC config for artnet

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Multiple NIC config for artnet

Post by fred_dev » Mon Nov 16, 2020 7:11 am

Hi, I am new to Madrix and working on a large installation using a lot of artnet to DMX devices.

I am running 302 artnet universes and want my system to operate at 50 fps, the data rate is just over what a gigabit NIC can do. My system has dual network ports but when I split the artnet devices over 2 ports I cannot send to all the devices.

My network ports are configured and and subnet mask my artnet devices are configured with addresses in the 2.*.*.* range
like (2 examples), etc.

If I connect everything to a single NIC (the configured port) I can send data to all the devices, but if I use 2 devices I only get devices connected to one of the ports.

When I use only one port I can run the system at 30 fps, but 50 fps is too much data and some devices do not receive data.

When I scan for artnet devices in Madrix it will find all of them even when they are split over both ports. I would expect that I would need to specify a physical NIC for each artnet device I am sending to inside madrix to use 2 ports but I cannot find this information anywhere. The manual covers setting up a single NIC but not more than one.

Can anyone let me know how to run this kind of configuration?


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Re: Multiple NIC config for artnet

Post by Schulze » Mon Nov 16, 2020 6:42 pm

Hi fred_dev,

If you use the same IP address range for both network cards/NICs, Windows will only use one network card to send the data (it is an operating system related issue).

That means you will need to configure different IP address ranges for each network card.

For example: / and /
or / and /

I hope this helps you!

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Re: Multiple NIC config for artnet

Post by fred_dev » Mon Nov 16, 2020 11:17 pm

@shulze thanks, just so I can be clear what about these addresses makes them in a different range: / and /

Wouldn't I have to change the subnet mask for one of these addresses?

I would like to try to not have to change the IP-address of all 80 artnet devices that all.

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Re: Multiple NIC config for artnet

Post by Guertler » Thu Nov 19, 2020 5:20 pm

Hello fred_dev,

If you are using the 2 different IP address ranges with a langer prefix length link explaind in the previous posts, the amount of available IP address will be decreased and Windows is able to route the desired network packages to the correct receiver via the correct network card. Of course the connected network clients needs to work in the same IP address ranges. To ensure the data is distributed correct you should change the IP address of the connected Art-Net nodes.

If you are working with the subnet mask of it means only the last two number of the IP address can be different. The first two must be identical for all participants which should communicate under each other in this network. Otherwise no data transfere will be existing.

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