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Remote Control of multiple Plexus

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Clarence Thian
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Remote Control of multiple Plexus

Post by Clarence Thian » Sat Nov 02, 2019 6:18 am

I have a potential project that will require the use of 2 universes on one building and another 2 universes on nearby building. There shall be times when the facade lighting of these 2 buildings shall be run independently, and yet needs to cater to special events where they shall need to work together via a tablet/smartphone linked to a network (and WiFi).

Can Remote be configured to activate scenes on BOTH Plexus units SIMULTANEOUSLY?
How is the mapping in Madrix to be done if this is do-able?

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Re: Remote Control of multiple Plexus

Post by Guertler » Fri Nov 08, 2019 2:30 pm

Hello Clarence Thian,
Welcome to the MADRIX forum.

It is not possible to solve the wanted behavior with two MADRIX PLEXUS. Bu if you want to use 3 MADRIX PLEXUS it is possible.

In that case one PLEXUS is respondsible to trigger the scenes for the synchronized output. This one will be the Master. It has no fixtures connected and only be used to trigger the Slave PLEXUS.
The other two PLEXUS will be connected to the DMX fixtures at the buldings and are working in Slave mode with the Master PLEXUS.

Now you are able to trigger the recorded scenes of the two Slave Plexus individually and it is possible by triggering the Master PLEXUS to playback a synchronized output at both buildings.

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