Problem with CITP

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Problem with CITP

Post by Tuple »


i would like to run grandma2 onPC and Madrix 3.16f on the same PC and use CITP.
For some reason the CITP Server doesn't work.

gma2 has the IP which is a physical network card.
madrix has the IP which is a virtual loopback adapter.
Subnet Mask is and the firewall is off.
The IP-ranges have to be like this because gma2 communicates with another external computer.

I can send artnet from gma2 to madrix without problems, but gma cant recognize the CITP server of madrix which runs on

Any ideas how to fix this?
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Re: Problem with CITP

Post by Guertler »

Hello Tuple,
Welcome to the MADRIX forum.

It is not possible to use a virtual network adapter to exchange CITP information between MADRIX and the grandMA.
If you want to exchange CITP data between MADRIX an the grandMA on one and the same PC, you have to use two physical network cards and connect this two cards. Of course you can connect it to a switch. Now you will be able to send CITP data between both softwares.
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Re: Problem with CITP

Post by bew »

Did you has activate the media server on gma???
CITP can work as media server on gma
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