Trivial issue Plexus -> DMX512

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Trivial issue Plexus -> DMX512

Post by expolight »

we have issue with ... 1030527145

We connected normal RGB strip to this DMX driver
connect plexus via USB and connect Plexus and dmx512 driver 3ch via 5pin DMX cable

In madrix we
- enable Plexus and check output
- set Fixture igeneric! rgb

set Plexus

but Plexus didn't recive DMX. => DMX no data.
Where is problem?

remote options - recive via DMX on port DMX 1 - start channel 1 - DMX ->art-net on

Maybe we set plexus wrong or
Maybe we forgot something?

Need we some fixtures like electron-design fixture to contol normal RGB strip?

Thank you :-)
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Re: Trivial issue Plexus -> DMX512

Post by Fritzsche »

I would first advise to disable the 'Remote Options'. This could already be the cause. Please only activate these settings if you wish to control the PLEXUS unit remotely from an external source, but right now you wish to output DMX data on the ports instead of receiving data.
Does that help?