SCE Video File name shown when missing, + condolidate

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SCE Video File name shown when missing, + condolidate

Post by ropiko »

Hi Guys,

So i was wondering if the following is possible to be changed in SCE VIDEO.
When a video file is missing the video file path ends up blank and madrix shows "Error video file missing". But no mention what the name of the file was.

I would love it if the following could be possible:

1. When a file goes missing, madrix remembers the file name so you know what video file to look for.

2. In Allot of NLE's when a file goes missing, you have the option to "Relink" a file, in some cases it just shows the origional file name, and you manually can find the file and choose it so it corrects the file path.

In other cases the NLE's do a system search based on the file name itself to find it, and you can choose the found options (with the path shown so you know which file you choose)

We tend to use some video's for multiple setups, but the patch just changes or the computer we use. So files get lost /dislocated.

Would it be possible to create a Madrix "Consolidate" feature that transfers all the linked media outside the MADRIX folder to inside the madrix folder? (this includes video/photo/patch/setup/fixture files used)

Thanks allot :)
- Robin
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Re: SCE Video File name shown when missing, + condolidate

Post by Guertler »

Hello ropiko,
Thank you for the input. We will discuss it with the developers and add your wish to the MADRIX feature wish list.