Combine DVi & SPI

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Combine DVi & SPI

Post by Pecotic »


I'm planning an installation where i have the following problem:

Basically i have two parts of the installation, a led wall and several stripes. The stripes seem to burst out of the led wall, so i need the same visual to be displayed correctly on both at the same time. Imagine this as a heart where veins go out from.
So when the visual is started on the wall it should continue on the stripes.
So how can i combine the DVI and the SPI? Just patch it correctly as usual or is there something i have to take care about?
And first of all, is it possible to use both?

Since i have not worked with DVI yet, what is necessary to rund the wall via MADRIX?

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Re: Combine DVi & SPI

Post by Guertler »

Hello Pecotic,

Of course it is possible to combine the DVI output and the DMX or SPI output in one setup in MADRIX. You only need to create a patch with the desired fixtures in the MADRIX "Patch Editor".
Under the following link you can learn how you can create a patch with different fixtures: ... tures.html

In some case it is necessary to use a so called "DVI Mapping" when you are working with the "Patch Editor".
How the "DVI Mapping" is working in MADRIX you can learn under the following link: ... _mode.html

The "DVI Mapping" is necessary when you want to combine DMX and DVI fixtures, when the DVI fixture is not starting at position X = 1, Y = 1, Z = 1 and also if there are gaps between different DVI fixtrues and the used DVI controller can not work with gaps.
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