Remote over web via port forwarding

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Remote over web via port forwarding

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We have several Plexus installations and I can remote via the web to them, we are now experiencing drop out problems with the Plexus where we lose the ability to connect, to fix the problem we have to re-boot the Plexus. As we now have 5 sites spaced out across the Gold Coast and Brisbane, visiting sites to re-boot is not a viable option. The problem seems to have arose since the last firmware update, but is not happening on all sites (3 of 5).

This just got worse, now when the remote goes down, the next day the Plexus stops sending a DMX signal, so we have five large buildings in darkness, until we can get a re-boot, only one site is ok, none of this happened before the latest firmware update. (firmware was updated in March).
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Re: Remote over web via port forwarding

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This request also came in via e-mail and we will handle it there first.
If we have any results, we will update this topic also.

Thank you.