A stable small form-factor

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A stable small form-factor

Post by marknicolai192 »

Hi all,
I'm looking for a stable small form-factor, rack-mountable, powerful computer system to run Madrix in a pro scenario. Normally I'd just max out an Alienware Alpha and call it a day, however this installation will be going into a project where everyone will be expecting to see rackmounted media servers. I don't want to show up to the party with a gaming micro-computer bolted to a rack shelf ;)
What high performance rackmountable system would you guys recommend?
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Re: A stable small form-factor

Post by Schulze »

Hi marknicolai192,

I highly recommend to contact a "PC system house" and ask for 19'' rackmounted PCs, as there are too many hardware retailers/manufacturers on the market.

For the system requirements of MADRIX 5 visit:
http://help.madrix.com/m5/html/madrix/h ... ments.html

I hope this helps you!