LED strip types BRG + GRB

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LED strip types BRG + GRB

Post by vudiemphuongchi »

Hello there,

I'm using 2 different types of LED strips (LPD8806) on the same matrix. One is BRG and the other is GRB.
Is it possible to combine them in the same setup by addressing them differently from the same generator or patch editor?
Can someone please redirect me to the relevant tutorial or discussion?
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Re: LED strip types BRG + GRB

Post by Schulze »

Hi vudiemphuongchi,

You need to use two different fixtures in the patch editor. I recommend to use the "!generic BRG Light 1 pixel" for the first strip and "!generic GRB Light 1 pixel" for the second one.

Alternativly you can create your own corrosponding fixtures, and thus define the color order:
http://help.madrix.com/m5/html/madrix/h ... patch.html

Have a nice day!