Maximum distance between fixture to LUNA

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Maximum distance between fixture to LUNA

Post by hendrawinata »

Dear Madrix, I have a quick question about the maximum distance between LUNA and the light fixture.

We are planning to light up building facade with LUNA connected to the outdoor light fixtures.

All the DMX node (LUNA) and PC will be kept either in a waterproof panel box or inside the building.

My question is how far the maximum distance between Luna and fixture that the DMX OUT signal will still work without losing signal...

Anyone experience shared is highly appreciated.
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Re: Maximum distance between fixture to LUNA

Post by Schulze »

Hi hendrawinata,

To achieve maximum cable length, it is important that you use shielded, twisted pair cables and that the used cables have the correct impedance. Furthermore it is important to follow the DMX512 specification for termination.
That means the cable should have an Impedance of 110 Ohm and a termination resistor (120 Ohm) at the end of the cable furthest from the controller to absorb signal reflections.

MADRIX LUNA complies to the DMX512 standard. We tested it with a 300 m cable without any problems. Being said, the maximum length can be lower or higher, depended on the used cables (up to 1200 m).
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