PLEXUS Scenes sequence

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PLEXUS Scenes sequence

Post by Dejwiz »

Hi all,

I'm facing problem playing scenes in PLEXUS.
In Plexus configuration I've added all recorded scenes. For some of them I marked to be played only certain time (5s or 15s) and then I've marked that after that scene it should follow certain scene. But the problem is that it's just playing that scene continuously without jumping to one that I've marked. What I've done wrong?
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Re: PLEXUS Scenes sequence

Post by Guertler »

Hello Dejwiz,
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Please have a look to the Colomn "Repeat". If it is set to "Endless" the activated scene will run all the time without playing the desired "Follow Scene" at the end.
If you want to rund it only one time, please set the "Repeat" to 1.