SCE Video with Aura

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SCE Video with Aura

Post by Gaucher »

For a project, I would like to know if it is possible to use the SCE Video effect with the Madrix Aura. The idea is that the Aura is triggered by a DMX command and launches the Video effect. In this case, what is the maximum size of the video file the Madrix Aura can handle?
Thanks for your help
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Re: SCE Video with Aura

Post by Schulze »

Hi Gaucher,

Yes, you can also record the SCE Video effect (or any other MADRIX effect) with the MADRIX AURA. Since the MADRIX AURA is a network recording device, you can record any Art-Net or sACN stream. The maximum size of the AURA recording depends on storage capacity of the used SD card. The AURA can be controlled remotely via HTTP commands and the built-in web server as well as Art-Net or Streaming ACN.

The following values can be seen as a guideline:
- Recording length AURA 2 – 64 GB: ~526 h (33 FPS) / ~347 h (50 FPS)
- Recording length AURA 8 – 64 GB: ~131 h (33 FPS) / ~86 h (50 FPS)
- Recording length AURA 32 – 64 GB: ~32 h (33 FPS) / ~21 h (50 FPS)

Here you will find further information (part - 'SD Cards' and 'Remote – Remote Control'): ... _aura.html
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