LED strip alignment

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LED strip alignment

Post by acdnrg »

This question has two sides: On hand hand it´s about perception and on the other hand it´s about how madrix handles strip setups.

So I´ve built a small prototype for an LED ceiling, 16 strips, 5m each, 30 pixel/m, via 2 nebula. All strips run in parallel which means pixel pitch of ca. 3cm on one axis and 15cm on the other (strips are 15cm apart). That´s about half the hardware I have sitting here, so I will add 16 more strips. But what about their placement....

A) Additional strips in parallel to the existing -> pixel pitch will be 3cm on X, 7.5cm on Y axis. It´s still ca 1:2 difference.

B) Additional strips in right angle to the existing -> grid of 3cm pitched lines for X and Y axis, distance between lines is 15cm.

Option A is more like a traditional LED panel or LCD monitor, Option B is what is shown in a madrix showreel at 50 Club Kiev https://youtu.be/GDOFjqm7GE8 - just with a much larger distance between strips (in a much larger room... mine is just 4x5m).

What would you prefer in relation to perception, aka: What will look better?

If option B: How does madrix handle the crosspoints? Let´s say they cross LED on LED, will both LED´s get
a) half the illumation value
b) identical DMX data (so "crossing pixels" may be brighter)
c) full illumination for vertical and zero illumination for horizontal strips?
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Re: LED strip alignment

Post by Guertler »

Hello acdnrg,

I would prefere to work according to option B. But would path the fixtrues in 2 different Z-Layers. At one Z-Layer all vertical LED tapes and at the other Z-Layer all horizontal LED tapes will be patched.
In that case you will have the full flexibilty on which part of the patch the effects are running and of course it is possible to run the effects desired MADRIX effects over the full patch.

At the crossing point the pixels won't be dimmed automatically. They will output colors according to the received DMX values.
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