Patch Editor Tools Wanted

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Patch Editor Tools Wanted

Post by ChrisCotton »

A null pen for use as a tool similar to Paint in Windows for editing patches in the Patch Editor

Sliders for position/scale for the Background Image controls

In Patch Editor, allow the Perimeter of the Matrix Size to be Outlined in Bold and Color

Allow mouse hovering over a voxel to display - after a slight delay - its Patch Map location (x,y)

a Go To Last Voxel button/control/arrow in the DMX Universe Fixture / Channel count window

When I'm enjoying Madrix - creating patches, these are the functions I find myself using more than usual these days...

Keep it up guys!
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Re: Patch Editor Tools Wanted

Post by Schulze »

Hi ChrisCotton,

Thank you for your feedback!

I will forward it to our developers.
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