Madrix 5 performance changing videos

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Madrix 5 performance changing videos

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I should introduce myself first as new to the Forum

I'm dean - been doing this (installation commissioning) all my working life

Been installing and programming Showcad for 20 years, Madrix for over 10 along with Soundweb as well
(Yes I do Sound And Lights) so i must be awful haha

Im not

I have a high performance PC
4u Rackmount amd 5950x, 16gb ram nvme, 3050gpu which I supplied along with a 2U showcad machine
On a project in paris that I'm currently progrogramming (Je suis desole, tu parles anglais)
Fish out of water - I dont speak french, and the installer dosent speak english :-)
I managed to get the nebulas patched which is pretty simple stuff and the video wall working using Novastar LCP - which is not very intuative (and this was really AV installers Job..) but I got their

switching videos is slow and glitchy in Madrix

the videos were from adobe in 4k - re-encoded them to 1080p lower bit rate but still slow to load..

The patch is large overall but number of pixels less so.. video wall in center is 416x624 plus 6 strips of pixel tape on artnet either side (wall is DVI Patch, led tape is artnet) although the led tape has no impact if I remove it from the patch - and this is not the issue - any effects other than video load almost instantly its just videos that seems to have the problem

for more clarity the videos are part of an overall show - madrix is controlled by showcad - done this many times before - but I am very aware of the high demands of what I am asking madrix to do (load video instantly)

I really want videos to load instantly when recalled via dmx (artnet)

I have checked and all videos are not close to 100% CPU they are far from utilising the maximum cpu power - reducing the frame rate seems to have little impact

Its not just that they are slow to load they load glitchy as well - if they loaded after 0.5 seconds smoothly I could live with that but they dont

Im hoping its something im doing wrong - wrong codec or something etc

Is their a recommedned codec I should be using? I have installed K-lite codec pack - which includes lav filter but unsure if this is the right way to do things now - been a while since I programmed Madrix

any help appriciated
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Re: Madrix 5 performance changing videos

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Hi Dean,

Welcome to the MADRIX Forum!

The longer load time is most likely caused by the required downscaling of the video. The video has a full HD resolution, but your actual DVI patch is 416x624.
Is the video saved on a SSD or HDD? A HDD would also slow the process to a certain degree.

What you could do the improve the performance:
- Downscale the video file to 416x624.
- Convert the downscaled video into the "*.mrec" format. Mrec is a proprietary MADRIX video format, which will also improve the performance.
- To convert the video please navigate to "Tools" > "Record Editing" > "MREC Conversion". Select the source file and click "Export".

Here you will find further information: ... htsub=mrec

I hope this helps you!
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