Wiring diagram for Luna 8

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Wiring diagram for Luna 8

Post by Worsley »

Hi, we have used Madrix on a few projects previously using the Nebula. The next project we are doing will use the Luna product, with 3 linear lines of Pixel tape each (14m - 60ppm, 840 RGB pixels per line).
When connecting the LED tape to the Luna, is there a requirement for an additional DMX decoder?
Many thanks
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Re: Wiring diagram for Luna 8

Post by Guertler »

Hello Worsley,
Welcome to the MADRIX forum.

If you want to connect a SPI Pixel Tape to the LUNA, you will need a DMX to SPI decoder. In that case every LUNA output will be able to send one DMX universe (512 DMX channels) which means you will be able to control up to 170 RGB pixels per port.

For a direct connection of the SPI pixel tape to a MADRIX interface you will need to use the MADRIX NEBULA.
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