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In Map, would it be possible to have something like Skew? Or 8 Point around the output adjustment points?

I create a moving diamond shape effect (Radial/Wave), but because my patch map is too small the diamond shape is more a square in reality, i know if i oversize my patch map i could create more of a diamond shape spread but then i feel i lose upon other effects.

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Re: Skew

Post by Guertler »

Hello evolveinstall,

Thank you for the input.

With the help of the MADRIX Map settings the content of the effect layer can be changed in size, position and also rotation.
Always if you will load the content at another patch, the map settings will be resized to the new patch size.

Skew the mapped content via the Map settings is at the moment not possible. But we will add this wish to the MADRIX feature wish list.
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