HTTP remote control for Timelines

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HTTP remote control for Timelines

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I am work on the HTTP remote control.

Since I would like to add a Timelines panel to play and select the Timelines on the HTML. When I put the "RemoteCommands" to modifly it, the "get" functions "<html><body>current fadetime is $$$GetFadeTime$$$</body></html> "works but the "set" functions " <html><body><a href="/phpBB3/myPage.html?SetFadeTime=10">set fade time to 10 seconds</a></body></html> " don't work. It show 404 not find when I click the setXXXX.

May I know whats worng with me or I can just change some name on cuelistpanel coding to change to control the timeline on Http remote.

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Re: HTTP remote control for Timelines

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Hi Ken,

This might be due to a problem in the URL or the way you're implementing the "set" functionality. Check your coding and URLs to ensure they're correctly configured to modify the fade time. You could also consider making changes in the cuelistpanel coding to control the timeline via HTTP remote.

Best regards.
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