24 dmx512 problem

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24 dmx512 problem

Post by davox »

Hi everyone

I wonder if someone could help me.
I have a madrix NEO and 24ch dmx512 decoder with a led strip reel, i plug the madrix neo to the decoder but the light are off, could somebody help me :(
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Re: 24 dmx512 problem

Post by Guertler »

Hello davox,
Welcome to the MADRIX forum.
The MADRIX NEO is a DMX512 USB interface which sends the live DMX data from MADRIX to the plugged fixtures. That means when you have connected your desired DMX decoder to the NEO you also have to connect the NEO to a PC. On MADRIX must be installed and you have to start MADRIX.
When you have started MADRIX you have to create a patch with the plugged fixtures. How you can create a patch you can learn in the following tutorials:
http://help.madrix.com/tutorials/html/i ... patch.html
http://help.madrix.com/tutorials/html/i ... tures.html
Please have also a look to the "Status LED" of the NEO. The description of the "Status LED" you will find in the MADRIX NEO Quick Start Guide on page 9.
http://help.madrix.com/qsg/MADRIX-NEO_Q ... _Guide.pdf
Please write us the status of the NEO.
If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us again!
Thank you.
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