Controlling Madrix with MP-C?

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Controlling Madrix with MP-C?

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Semi new to the Madrix programming world, and before I got too wrapped up in trying to figure this out myself, I wanted to ask on here:

Have any of you ever run Madrix cues or presets on the Martin MP-C show controller?
Or any light board/software like Freestyler, MP-C, etc?

Or been able to control the color value of a Madrix output via a show controller like freestyler or mp-c?

I run Martin MP-C through the Martin M2PC Board to control all of my movers and wash lights, and have a separate computer with Madrix on it and have to hop back and forth to run both during shows. Any way to merge the two with having M2PC remain the primary board would be awesome.

I didn't know if you could link the luna/madrix patch to a light board patch.

Any help even relating to this would be amazing!

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Re: Controlling Madrix with MP-C?

Post by Guertler »

Hello CodyYeager,
Please have a look to the following post: ... 538/#p3538
Thank you.