Assisted display design and patching

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Assisted display design and patching

Post by aristocompasso »

I'm just starting out with Madrix, but this is already what I miss the most:

1) Pencil to create the outlines for each z-layer shape, an auto-fill with fixtures (tipically generic RGB).

2) Ability to import a series of images (pre-processed) with the contours and automatically assign z-layer by order.
For instance b&w images, black-don't place fixture, white-place fixture.

3) Ability to import point cloud 3D file and automatically place one fixture for each point.

4) For the automatically placed fixtures in 1, 2 or 3, ability to perform assisted patching such as with the matrix generator.

What could be better than this?
Please, please, please!!

All the best!
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Re: Assisted display design and patching

Post by Guertler »

Hello aristocompasso,
Thank you for your input.
The wishes 1.) and 2.) are already on our wish list.
At the moment we can not give you a date when we can release this feature in MADRIX. But we will work on it in the future.
The wish 3.) and 4.) will be available with MADRIX 5.
MADRIX 5 will be released in the next months.