Madrix to Clay Paky Aleeda B-Eye K10

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Madrix to Clay Paky Aleeda B-Eye K10

Post by bew »

Dear all,

I was tried to connect Clay paky aleeda b-eye k10 with Madrix (for control illuminate) and use desk Avolite pearl tiger 2010 and granma2 pc series.

For connecting with madrix that's no problem. The SCE from Madrix can work nicelly. The problem is when madrix handle the b-eye, lighting consoles can not working like for Pan and Tilt.

Does anyone know what the problem??
P.S: For the system connection, i set with Artnet and Hub Port router.

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Re: Madrix to Clay Paky Aleeda B-Eye K10

Post by Guertler »

Hello bew,

To get the expected result that the "Clay Paky - A.LEDA B-Eye k10" can handle the received data from MADRIX and from the desired console at the same time, the B-Eye must be able to merge the received Art-Net data of both sources.
If the B-Eye can not merge the Art-Net data of both sources (MADRIX and your desired console) you will have the possibility to use a MADRIX LUNA which can merge data of 2 sources in HTP mode and connect the B-Eye via DMX. Or if you are using in maximum 4 DMX universes in your project you can map the Art-Net data thru MADRIX. That means MADRIX will merge the data from the console and MADRIX and send it to the desired output. Under the following link you can learn more about the DMX/Art-Net Input Mapping of MADRIX: ... l_dmx.html