Luna - Sync mode

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Luna - Sync mode

Post by qniens »

Dear inoage,

The manual states that the Luna support 'sync mode'. Is this ArtSync as specified in the Art-Net protocol? Or does the Luna's + Madrix have an additional sync methode?

In an upcoming build a have several LEDs string connected by wired ethernet and also multiple LED string connected by WiFi. I know WiFi is not the ideal situation, but unfortunately it is something I cannot change. ArtSync only works if al the devices are on the same ethernet infrastructure, in doesn't take latency of different devices in the network in account.

The LEDs on the WiFi network have a latency of +-80ms then the LEDs connected by wire, and therefore are late in the show.

Does Luna sync mode help in this setup? If not, do you have any tips and tricks how to tackle this problem?

The whole setup is +- 240 universes with 36 Luna's

Best regards,
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Re: Luna - Sync mode

Post by Guertler »

Hello qniens,

Since the release of MADRIX 5 MADRIX is using the ArtSync and no longer the MADRIX Sync mode.
When you are using the LUNA with MADRIX 5, please make sure that the LUNAs are working with the latest firmware.

To work with WIFI and ensure a 100% synced output is not a good idea. Because of the working of the WIFI router they can decide which network package will be sent first. That means they can rearrange the received network packages and now it could be the sync will be send to the nodes earlier than the full Art-Net packages for this frame. Furthermore some WIFI router ignore the sync package. But this depends on the used router.

In case of WIFI we have no chance to provide the sync package like in a wired network because of the opertating mode of the routers.
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