3d vertical tube on circular trust

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3d vertical tube on circular trust

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I am using 3d vertical tube in a circular trust which X is 60 and Z is 10.i want to create waves like effect on its from sce graph .but the problem is that graph is running from left to right instead of back to front .is there any settings in sce graph so that I can run graph from back to front to achieve waves on circular trust .sce graph is ok for square trust to achieve waves but not on the circular trust.
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Re: 3d vertical tube on circular trust

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It sounds as if you have created a 3D patch for your installation.
Actually, we would recommend to do this in 2D and simply choose a rectangular patch layout. Such things are always a combination of patch and the effects/visuals you want to achieve.

However, SCE Graph does have options you are looking for. Please check the button that is labeled 'Front' by default as well as the button between the 4 arrow buttons.

Learn more here:
http://help.madrix.com/m5/html/madrix/h ... graph.html

Thank you.
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