Artnet -> DMX routing question

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Artnet -> DMX routing question

Post by lightbeats »

Is it possible to configure the artnet -> dmx routing on the luna? And set it up as a splitter?

I would like to split 2 incoming artnet universes over the dmx ports (dmx ports 1-4 universe 1, 5-8 universe 2).

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Re: Artnet -> DMX routing question

Post by Guertler »

Hello lightbeats,
Welcome to the MADRIX forum.

The MADRIX LUNA is a high quality Art-Net node. With the help of the HTTP controlled user interface of the LUNA you can set a lot of settings.
The wanted routing is possible with the LUNA. Depending on which Art-Net sending mode you are using (broadcast or unicast) you can rout the desired universes to the desired output ports.

If you are using the broadcast mode, simply change the the universe assignment of the ports 1-4 to DMX universe 1 and ports 5 to 8 to universe 2 via the LUNA website. You can call the LUNA website easily with your desired web browser by typing the IP address of the LUNA. At the controller side you send in broadcast mode the two universes to the network. But please note: broadcast is not recommended in a setup with a lot of Art-Net nodes

If you are using unicast mode, you don't need to change the universe assignment of the LUNA. You only need to assign the two universes to the 8 ports of the LUNA. That means you have to assign 4  ports to universe 1 and 4 ports to universe 2 in the controller.
If you are using MADRIX, you will assign the ports to the universes in the "DMX Devices" tab of the "Device Manager".

I hope this will help you.
If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us again! 
Thank you.
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