Windows 10 on old Madrid 2

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Windows 10 on old Madrid 2

Post by rodericwilson »

Where can I get hold of Madrix 2 for win 10 . Is it the same as the win7 and 8 versions which I presume I have somewhere?
I still use my 4 x NEO s for an installation using madrix 2 software but want to get a new computer to run it .
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Re: Windows 10 on old Madrid 2

Post by Guertler »

Hello rodericwilson,

MADRIX 2 was developed for the Microsoft operating systems "Windwows XP" to "Windows 7". If you want to use MADRIX 2 on "Windows 8" and newer "Windows" operating systems, we can't guarantee that all functions are working correctly.
In that case we highly recommend to update your MADRIX license to MADRIX 5.

Furthermore the support of MADRIX 2 has ended in 2015. We have no change to fix any bugs in MADRIX 2.
But of course if you can send us an e-mail to info[at]madrix[dot]com with the serial number of the used NEOs, we send send you the download link to the last released MADRIX 2 version.
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Re: Windows 10 on old Madrid 2

Post by OliVDB »

Yeah, you'd be better off upgrading to Madrix 5. I used M2 as well on an ancient laptop that ran on Windows XP, and when the laptop died, I started using M5 on my modern laptop and it's much better, I was afraid to change as well at first because I'm used to Madrix 2, but well, it isn't difficult to transfer your knowledge from one version to another.
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